Man arrested for throwing egg at King Charles

Man arrested for throwing egg at King Charles
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A British man has been arrested on suspicion of assault after an egg was allegedly hurled towards King Charles III during a visit to a town in Luton on Tuesday.
According to Daily Mail, Bedfordshire Police said the man was being questioned over an alleged common assault in St George’s Square this morning.

The King was meeting members of the public outside the town hall in Luton, 46km north of London when the egg was apparently thrown.

He was then moved to a different location by his security guards and resumed shaking hands with members of the public. They wished the monarch “Happy Christmas!” as they greeted him.

Charles has travelled widely across Britain since becoming monarch on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September.

He was due to visit several sites in Luton on Tuesday, including a transit station and a Sikh house of worship, a gurdwara.

Last month a 23-year-old man was arrested after eggs were hurled at Charles and his wife Camilla, the queen consort, during a visit to York, northern England. The man was later released on bail.



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