2023: Authentic Edo PDP candidates in forthcoming general elections revealed

2023: Authentic Edo PDP candidates in forthcoming general elections revealed
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A PDP member in Edo State has revealed the true happenings in the Edo state political environment as it concerns the PDP.

The PDP member by name Rita Ebiuwa in a Facebook post stated that the authentic candidates in the forthcoming general elections are the candidates in the camp of the incumbent Governor of Edo State.

She also went on to reveal that the authentic delegates were those of the governors faction. In the same Facebook post she reeled out the role of the electoral body as well as the roles played by some of actors in Edo State especially Chief Dan Osi Orbih.

The post has the caption: “Edo PDP

Between Iduoriyekemwen Matthew and Hon. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama who is the candidate?”

She said: “No one will envisaged that less than 2mths to the general election, the issue of who is the authentic candidate amongst the duo will be topic for discussion. However, since the issue is still coming up, it is pertinent to set the record straight atleast for the purpose of the good people of Edo South (Benin extraction) so they will not be confused with the voting pattern. Even though that is the main reason why they are still parading themselves as the Candidates.”

“Prior to the PDP primaries, the National leadership gave the perogatory to the PDP governors to produce the delegates who will vote in the primaries, just as other governors got the same privilege, Governor Obaseki was also given the right to produce his in Edo state.”

She continued: “This resolution to give PDP governors the right to produce was adopted at the NWC level of which the SS Vice chairman (Dan Orbih) was present. But to the surprised of all, he came down to Edo state without telling his followers the truth, he encouraged them to submit another list. To cut the story short, they ran to the court to get a black market injunction which compelled the party to accept their list for the convention and their group voted. But as they say, lies can go far but eventually the truth will surely overtake it. At the Supreme Court judgement, the issue of delegate was resolved and the rightful group (Obaseki camp) got it.”

“Is it not common sense that the group who as the authentic delegates will automatically produce the candidates?

Now this is the story;

On the day of the Senatorial primaries, we had 8 aspirants vying for the seat, the state chairman of PDP Tony Azegbemi invited INEC according to the electoral act to monitor the primaries, the venue and time of the primaries was clearly stated in the letter, 7 out of the 8 aspirants were present for the primaries, all the authentic delegates were at the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium waiting to elect their next Senatorial candidate. The Committee sent from the National secretariat of the PDP were there too.

Do you know what happened next?

The present House of reps member, (Oredo) Ogbeide-Ihama went to one event centre close to the Benin airport, contested the primary all by himself, conducted the primary by himself, organised the venue by himself, counted the votes by himself, defeated himself by himself and declared himself the winner ALL BY HIMSELF and invited INEC REC to monitor such a primary.

The Edo REC who has now be redeployed to other state went to the event just because he is one of Wike’s stooge but to their greatest surprise, INEC have to send the head of legal from Abuja to Benin so as to monitor the primary at the stadium.

Wike and his gang did not stop there, they again ran to court to prove that they were the authentic candidates, they were now relying on the order of Justice Ekwo which as been overtaken by event, to prove that they are the authentic candidates, again, the Federal High Court Benin ruled that, only the party leadership can conduct and declare result and not INEC as the role of INEC is limited, they can only monitor primaries and not conduct or declare results.

They were still not satisfied, the appealled the ruling, again they were trashed, they have ran to the supreme Court for the second time, they will be disgrace again as usual in 2wks time.

The man under the whole crises in Edo is Wike, he is the person funding them, giving them unnecessary hope, the other day, he gave them money to go print posters and rent campaign offices, giving Rivers money to judges, spending heavily to make sure Gov Obaseki is defeated in Edo state.

Again, he said if his candidates loses at the Supreme Court, that he was going to fund the APC candidates in Edo.

Picture one is the authentic candidate while the other, the dissident candidate who will be disgrace in the end.”



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